Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not just another blog

Wow, I have 3 work blogs and a private Meditation Journal blog. Today I came to the realization that it is time to create a blog that is personal but that I can share. The title "The Dreams of an Everyday Working Wife and Mother" just came to me--hope it's not too corny.

Borrowed from Glen Campbell's song

This totally describes me today when I colored my hair and used a fascial mask:
She looks in the mirror and stares at the wrinkles
That weren't there yesterday...

Lately I have been doing A LOT of this:
The photograph album she takes from the closet
And slowly turns the page

I've been thinking about writing the story of my ancestors. This feels different to me from plotting your family tree, geneology, etc. When I was meditating, I started thinking about the past. We all have stories handed down to us from a parent or grandparent. We have documents and pictures. I was just looking at a crumbling book that was the guest registry from my great-grandfather's funeral, George S. Wilson died in 1936. I rescued this book when my sister, Cyndi, and I were cleaning out a room upstairs at my Mom's house a couple year's ago. My sis would have tossed it into the garbage. I am a pack-rat, I'll admit that. But I also am the Keeper of things. My other sister, Lori, gave me my Grandmother's, Nellie Pearl Wilson Primm, silverplate set that she received for her 25th anniversary back in the 1930's. Grandma gave it to Lori as a wedding gift--Lori was the youngest granddaughter. Lori gave it to me for safekeeping, she said her husband, Ed, might hock it =)

Anyway, I think this story of the family past has been rattling around in my head since I helped my grandma type up the Primm family geneology story when I was around 17 years old. The fascination began with all things old. I love antique stores, old dishes, Victorian era furniture. But now I hope to use technology to perserve the story, documents, and pictures from the past. It just occurred to me that I could create a CD or DVD of the story. Intriguing!

Wish me luck with this blog which will be a story of the present, but will also hopefully link us to the past.

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